Anne-Marie O’Loan


Anne-Marie is a qualified Fellow Chartered Accountant (FCA) with 15 years’ experience at Big Four Firm PwC, both in the UK and Australia. After qualification in Northern Ireland, she spent 10 years living and working as a senior finance professional in Melbourne, Australia, where she expanded her experience and network globally.  

She relocated back to Northern Ireland in 2018, with her husband; Ben, and eldest daughter; Matilda, for the welcomed arrival of their identical twin daughters. It was soon after birth, her twin daughters; Georgie and Emmie were diagnosed with a rare genetic condition called Phenylketonuria (PKU). As such, Anne-Marie lives with the uniqueness of a rare condition and its challenges every single day. 

Anne-Marie feels very passionate about all people in Northern Ireland, living with rare conditions, having access to life changing drugs and treatments so that they can live their best lives. After extensive research when her daughters were diagnosed, she realised there was a licensed drug being used to treat their condition in most countries around the world, however it is not currently available on the NHS in Northern Ireland. The drug could be life changing for her daughters and other people living with PKU in Northern Ireland. Anne-Marie has since realised this situation is not unique to PKU, and there are lots of people living with rare conditions not accessing vital drugs and treatments. It has been through  

Anne-Marie’s campaigning and raising awareness of PKU, has brought her into contact with the NIRDP and the invaluable work that the charity does, providing a collective voice for the individually rare. She is keen to utilise the experience she has gained and leverage the contacts she has made to raise awareness and fight for others in need of crucial drugs and treatments to live a better life, regardless of the rarity of their condition.